11 years to 17 years is a crucial age for students. This may be the stage where one can decide about a career. But around 70% of school-going students are facing study problems. Discovering the best learning style at this stage can improve a kid’s future.

Are you looking for a way to understand your kids in a better way and unlock their potential? Have you heard of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) counselling? DMIT is an innovative test that uses fingerprints to analyze and identify an individual’s unique abilities and talents. Through the DMIT process kids can choose the right career path under the guidance of an expert career counsellor. It is a state-of-the-art method of understanding children’s multiple intelligence that can help them to reach their goals.

DMIT for children:

Nowadays parents are trying to teach their kids many activities. They want their kids to be toppers in all the fields. Some children can achieve it but many children are struggling for a proper career even after finishing their studies. A common scenario nowadays is children are opposing their parents, parents are worried about their children and maximum people are not happy with their jobs.

With proper DMIT children counselling this can be easily avoided and kids will be able to discover their potential.

Career and education development:

DMIT can be used to help children to identify their ideal career paths, especially for children who are above 15 years. By understanding their talents and natural abilities, children can make proper decisions about what sort of career will best suit them. For example, if a child has strong musical abilities, the child may be well-suited for a career in music or performance.

DMIT can also help individuals to identify their ideal job roles. By understanding their unique talents and abilities, individuals can make informed decisions about which job roles they are best suited for. For example, if a child has strong linguistic abilities, the child may be well-suited for a job in writing or editing. Similarly, if a child has strong spatial abilities, the child may be well-suited for a job in architecture or design.

DMIT can also be used to help children to understand their unique learning styles and how they can best use them to achieve success. By identifying a child’s strengths and weaknesses, this scientific method can help them to pick out which learning strategies are most effective and which strategies they should avoid.

For example, if a child has strong visual-spatial abilities, they may be benefited from visual-based learning strategies such as mind maps. Similarly, if a child has strong auditory abilities, auditory-based learning strategies such as listening to lectures or podcasts will be helpful to the child.

DMIT can also be used to help children to recognize their ideal learning environment. By understanding their unique abilities and learning styles, children can make decisions about which type of learning environment will be useful for them. For example, if a child has strong interpersonal skills, the child may be a better fit for in-person learning such as seminars or workshops. Likewise, if a child has strong interpersonal skills, online learning such as online courses or tutorials will be beneficial to the child.

Benefits of DMIT to children:

  1. Know your child’s unique potential
  2. Recognize your child’s congenital abilities
  3. Realize the best learning style and environment for children
  4. Customize the learning programs based on the Child’s learning style
  5. Improve the bond between children and parents
  6. Understand the right parenting techniques and teaching
  7. Select the career goals based on their 
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